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Take a look at some samples of our work to give you a quick overview of a few of the sites we’ve updated or created from the ground up.


TCGPlayer.com Screen Capture

We worked on TCGPlayer.com for over a year and are still working with the creators and owners. This site is dedicated to collectible card games (CCG) and is a place where fans can read articles by personalities in the collectible card games (CCG) environment, create decks of cards and chat with other fans. The site is divided into several subsections, each dealing with a different game. In addition, a virtual store allows visitors to buy their cards at the best possible price. The site is visited by thousands of people every day.

We used the programming languages ASP.NET (C #) and PHP to perform the various tasks required by the different sections of the site. We also worked with the database systems SQL Server and MySQL. We are very proud of the improvements we made to the site and the assistance we continue to provide to the site’s owners.

Les marchés publics de Montréal

Montreal public markets Screen Capture

The Montreal public markets’ Website contains a wealth of information relevant to food and the purchasing of fresh local produce. The site is made up of several different sections that, for the most part, include different designs. The site was recently completely redone in XHTML and is now much more user-friendly.

We work diligently with the members of the Montreal Public Market’s Management Corporation (CGMPM) to continuously improve the Website and have also helped them establish a presence on Facebook. Many of the site’s pages have been equipped with elements to make it easier to interact with market goers and to increase communication between CGMPM and the clients of Montreal’s Public Markets. Major projects are still under construction for this site and we are proud to have the confidence of the team at Montreal’s Public Markets.

Jeux de Montréal (Montreal Games)

Montreal Games Screen Capture

We created the management portal for enrolment in the Jeux de Montréal. This multi-disciplinary sports competition lets club managers and teams register participants in different competitions online.

This multifaceted registration management system was created entirely by our team. Besides the addition, modification and removal of entries, the system also allows for the management of access rights and managing site administrators. For example, all the details of a specific competition, the title and the list of events can be changed by the managers of the Jeux de Montréal without our intervention.

Cycles Lambert

Lambert Cycles Screen Capture

We have worked for several years to help improve this site for Cycle Lambert’s retailers. The project was well underway when we were called in. Thanks to our flexibility, we were able to quickly make the changes requested, despite an extremely complex system that used several web technologies.

This project required extensive communication with several contributors and we managed to quickly adapt and understand the code from various sources. The confidence Cycles Lambert has shown us year after year reflects its appreciation of the quality of our work.

L'Institut de formation continue du québec (IFCQ)

IFCQ Screen Capture

For L'institut de formation continue du Québec (Institute of Continuing Education of Quebec) Website, we developed a tool that allows course management, enrolment and editing of web pages. The IFCQ provides courses and training in several domains, so its Website had to ensure better communication with students and facilitate their registration in the numerous courses offered.

Built entirely in PHP5, the tool looks like a highly personalized content management system (CMS). To build it, we relied on our experience with an existing CMS, such as Drupal and Joomla. Today, IFCQ staff can manage the site without any assistance from us.

Room 214 Inc.

Room 214 Screen Capture

We worked with Room 214 Inc. on a project for a private site called Vidlift that offered fast and efficient conversion of video files. We produced the entire communication infrastructure between the Web tier and the conversion software (ffmpeg), running on a Linux server. The site’s programming required hours of research to better understand the Linux process management across PHP and in particular ffmpeg management.

This project has allowed us to gain considerable experience in communication between a Web service and an operating system, Linux in this case. This expertise has been very useful in other projects using the same communication principle with the operating system.

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